I’m leaving tomorrow morning on the 10-hour treck to Shelbyville, TN for my first ASCA nationals. Lots of folks are already there, and I am a bit jealous that I didn’t get into any of the preshows so I could have justified going a bit earlier. But there is lots to balance between this and the UKI US Open that we are going to next month.

I decided to focus just on agility with Samba at the nationals, and I’m glad I made that decision. I have learned that I have a better time at competitive events if I don’t have multiple venues to focus on. Samba and I have been working hard on distance handling in preparation for Elite Gamblers. I have been impressed with her work lately, so we shall see. Gamblers is the first day. We have also been working on handling fast, straight lines in preparation for ASCA jumpers, which is a challenge for us due to Samba’s speed. I am a bit nervous that we haven’t been able to practice much for the last couple of weeks due to the rainy weather. I need to get outside with her today while it is sort of dry and do some drills.

I’m getting excited and nervous. Time to get the laundry and chores done so that I can relax. 🙂