This was our last run of the Nationals, and Samba was having some intestinal issues right before this run. I’m not sure if that was from the travel and high energy of the trial, too many treats, or what. We had to quickly wash off her rear end before we went into the ring, and she had to have a bath right afterward. Needless to say, our heads really weren’t in a good competitive space before we bagan this run.

Samba dropped the bar at #3, and I think that I was unclear with my handling, signaling her to begin the loop while she was in the air rather than before she started her takeoff. Then I was flustered and didn’t signal 8 well enough and pulled her past it, putting her on the wrong line and ending up sending her to the wrong entrance to the tunnel.

We had the opportunity to run this course again the next day after the trial was over and before they had cleaned up the course, and we ran it flawlessly. We did a front cross between 2 and 3 rather than waiting for the rear cross at 4, which worked out a lot better for us.

I was happy with the serpentine down the home stretch every time she did it– lots of folks were NQing on this part of the sequence.