St/P1 All-Around Tournament (50′ x 60′)

Standard Modules

This is a great way to start your novice dogs! Earn Qs by video, or use this as a Show n’ Go to test your skills and train on a sanctioned course. Information on USDAA@Home.

This 8-module tournament event features 2 modules of each: Standard, Jumpers, Snooker, Gamblers. Success in all 8 modules will result in a non-core All-Around Tournament Q. Success in both modules of any discipline (class type) will also result in individual titling Qs being awarded for titling credit.

We will have staff on hand to help record video, course build, and set bars, and perform table counts. You will be responsible for registering with USDAA, entering the tournament, and posting your videos if you wish run for Qs. We will assist with this as best we can.

Event Timeslots (1)